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Who speaks for the land?

Who speaks for forests, for mushrooms, for birds and the sea?  For all those whose home we share?

I hear only the voices of money and genocide, of those who believe themselves entitled to destroy all living things to make luxuries for themselves.

I shall speak for the beings of the Earth.

“We want to live.  Now, and in the future.  We don’t need technology.  We don’t need progress.  We don’t need renewable energy.  We don’t need a low-carbon future.  We need the destruction to stop.  We are being killed at a rate of 200 species a day.  We are quickly being consumed, bulldozed and poisoned out of existence.  What we need is a home, community, clean water and air.  Sustainability won’t help us.  Transition won’t help us.  Fighting back to defend ourselves and our home will.  We need your help.

“We don’t care if people are alienated.  We don’t care if our fight harms the economy.  Our lives are more important.  We ask you to always act in our interest.  As you belong to our community, what is in our interest is also in yours.

“Ask us what we need, and what you can do to help us.  We are all around you, we are living in your neighbourhood, as you are living in ours.  We are the trees, the rivers, the mountains and plains, the mammals and reptiles, the rocks and the wind.

“Please help us stop the destruction.  The mines, the economy, the electricity, the burning of our ancestors, it all needs to stop if we are to live.  We invite you to come home.  Join us.”

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For anyone wanting to develop their ability to listen to the land, I recommend participating in a Council of All Beings, and studying Kamana Nature Awareness.

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A quote from Derrick Jensen, in Endgame: “I’ve heard that before making important decisions, members of many native cultures would ask, ‘Who speaks for wolf? Who speaks for salmon?  I ask that here.”

Let’s start involving all who are affected by our actions in the debate and decision making.


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Friends with the Earth

Heard recently: “I really admire and appreciate everything you all do, as Friends of the Earth.  The Earth needs more friends.  I have a bokashi bucket at home, that I put my food scraps in.  That’s how I do my bit for the Earth.”

This sounds like a messed-up idea of friendship.  Imagine describing a friendship with a person like that.  “I’m a great friend of Joe’s.  I put things in a bucket, that’s how I help him out.”

How’s this for a more realistic representation of friendship:  “I’m a friend of Gaia.  We spend a lot of time together.  We sing, and dance, and we play together.  I take long walks with her, and she tells me many stories, of the places and beings that we encounter along the way.  I can sit for hours, in silence, just being present with her.  She is so wise, and has experienced so much.  I’ve learned everything I know from her.  Yet there are parts of her I don’t understand, and maybe never will.  Sometimes she scares me.  She means the world to me.  I would do anything to protect her.  I would give my life.”  Gaia might be the name of a person, an animal, a river, or the Earth.

We could all do with more friendships like these.  We can all be friends with forests, insects, mountains, oceans and spirits.  Friends with the Earth.

Friends of the Earth doesn’t share my understanding of friendship.  They advocate injuring, cutting and poisoning their so-called friend, creating toxic fumes that make it hard for her to breathe.  They call her a resource, and promote ripping her apart, to build machines.  Machines to make electricity.  Machines that are built by mining, extracting oil, manufacturing, transporting, polluting.  Poisoning towns, rivers, farmland and air.  Machines that destroy the lives of humans, nonhumans, rivers and Earth.  Forever.  They call these machines Renewable Energy.

The Earth doesn’t need renewable energy, or plastic buckets.  She needs true friends.  Friends who will protect her.  Friends who listen, and sing, and dance, and play with her.  Friends who will give their life.

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