Machine vs Wild


You are the wild

You are rivers, mountains, oceans and plains

You are laughter, tears, smiles and screams

You are song and dance, leap and play

Joy, sorrow, ecstasy and pain

Pattern and flow, rhythm and breath

Knowing, feeling, dreaming and being

You are journey and story

Blood and flesh

Fire and flood

Forest and earth, wind and rain

Colour and sound; a touch, a taste

You are magic.





The machine is coming.

The machine will crush you.

The machine will destroy it all.

The machine is cancer.  It eats all life.

It is clear-cut forestry, open-cut mines,

Deep cuts in your soul, your skin, your heart.

It is billboards and malls.

Jobs and shopping, fear and debt.

It is prison, nation, poison.

Anxiety, addiction and lonely death.

Oil fields, refineries, wind farms and dams.

Schools and factories.

Cars, planes, highways and railways.

Thought and measurement.




You are the machine.

You are occupied.

You are worker, shopper, consumer, clone.

Headlines and deadlines.

Rules and clocks.


Yet something within you remembers the wild.

It’s in your blood, and in your heart.

In the eyes of beasts, and the light of the moon.

The wind, the waves, the music, the sound.

It draws you in, it brings you back.


The wild is calling.  Calling you home.

Calling you now to stop the machine.

You know how it works, you know how it stops.

The machine runs on electricity, money and oil.

It breaks at power plants, refineries, and ports.

You know what to do.

You know where to strike.

You know the way home.


You are the wild.

You are the beat of a drum, the beat of all hearts.

You are timeless and ageless, stillness and chaos.

You are animal.

You are Earth.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Eco Defence on August 23, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    We are the Pagan

    We are the 99.999…% of ALL Beings in Creation

    Nature is the Boss…

    SHE Boss…



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