Approtech adventures

I made a pond fridge.  Here’s how to make a pond fridge: put food in the pond.  Put it in a sealed container first.  I used snap lock bags from mountain bread sheets.  Put a brick on it so it doesn’t float.  The meat and yogurt I got from a dumpster were still fresh a week later.  Who needs a refrigerator in winter?

I  made mini-greenhouses for seedlings, which also protect from insect attack.  Cut a plastic bottle in half, and cut of the base.  Place over newly planted seedlings.  Especially brassicas, as insects seem to like them best.  After a few weeks the seedlings should be grown-up enough to look after themselves, and the guards can be used for the next generation of youngsters.

Some new feathered friends moved in today.  I bought them from a shop, which feels like an odd way to start a friendship.  I brought them home on my bike, in a crate.  They didn’t enjoy the bike ride as much as I did, I guess cycling isn’t really their thing.  They don’t have names yet.

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  1. Posted by Durable on August 3, 2012 at 12:57 am

    Do the minigreenhouses protect from cold as well as insects?


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