An idea for an app: free stuff!

I don’t know what an app is, really, but someone somewhere could take this idea and do something with it.

If you have something you don’t want, or you want something you don’t have, write it in the app-space.  Anyone that wants the thing you have, or has the thing you want, can see, and can take it from you or give it to you.  Are you following?  And you could browse and see things that it hadn’t occurred to you to want, but since it’s available, you could make use of it.  And you could see what other people want and realise that the thing in the shed or the cupboard that you haven’t used for years might be better off with someone else.  You could set it so that you only connect with people who live close by, or people you already know, or if it’s some specialised thing you could connect with people who have an interest in such specific things.

When my mum or dad has some useful thing they don’t need, they ask me “do you know anyone who would want this thing?” and maybe I do someone who would want it, but I don’t know that they want it.  I would like to know, so I can give it to them.

So in conclusion, I want this free-share-swap-things app.  If you have it and can share it, will you give it to me?

And I have lots of peaches and grapes right now, do you want them?  Also there is a mouse living in my kitchen that I don’t want.  You can have it if you like.

One response to this post.

  1. I love this idea 🙂 and I may be of help in order to realize it.

    I’ve made a framework to create apps out of any website that can export its database in JSON format. So if someone out there is up to creating a site like the one you described, the app can be made with virtually no effort. It could even easily include maps to see the location of the items, pictures/videos of them, a filter to select the items to see…
    (The framework will be released as open-source as soon as it is polished a bit, but it’s already working).

    Of course, I would make this app for free (but then someone will need a developer account to publish it; I don’t have any and I can’t afford to pay for it) as long as the website stays free.

    Whoever is interested (to the idea but also to the framework for other apps), just contact me through the Ask section of my blog.


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