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the living-without-money, permaculture-design, food-growing, skill-sharing tour of North America is visiting YOU!

Do you want to get out of the money system, make amazing things happen in your community, grow your own food, live off the grid, share stuff, or generally make life more fun? I’d like to meet you, and help make it happen!
I’ll be travelling North America for the next five months, using my skills and experiences to contribute to the people, places and communities I visit. I’d like to help as many people as possible to reduce their dependence on large economies and infrastructures. I want to leave food gardens behind me wherever I go.
I’ll be meeting with people with ideas for community projects and events, doing everything I can to help turn ideas into reality. I’ll visit people planning or developing community gardens and school gardens, as well as home gardens and farms. I can help with permaculture design, organising, working with communities, and making amazing things happen with little or no money.
I’ll be giving workshops at community events, festivals and conferences, on topics including: living without money, permaculture design, appropriate technology, composting toilets, nonviolent communication, food fermentation, and edible weeds. I can give talks about transition towns, community food security and human ecology.
I’ll be travelling – mainly by bicycle – through British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, California and Mexico, and possibly further afield, from August 2011 to January 2012.
I don’t have any set plans for my travels, or any contacts yet. If you are interested to host me, and hold a workshop, garden makeover party, planning session, or just a chat, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll be blogging at as I travel.
Looking forward to meeting you along the way…