From the zine How to have an amazingly adventurous life for zero dollars a day.

Food Not Lawns – Heather Flores.  How to turn your yard into a garden and your neighbourhood into a community.

The Humanure Handbook – Joseph Jenkins.  A guide to composting human manure.

Daniel Suelo in the United States has been living without money since 2000.  His website is

Wild Food Plants of Australia – Tim Low

The Story of Stuff – online short film.  Shows where all our stuff comes from, what happens to it, and where the money goes.

The Gleaners and I – Agnes Varda (film).  Stories of people in France who glean food and household goods.

How to be Free – Tom Hodgkinson.  Learn how to throw off the shackles of anxiety, bureaucracy, debt, governments, housework, moaning, pain, poverty, ugliness and waste, and much else besides.

Renew Magazine.  Ideas and instructions for making your own appropriate technologies.

Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability – David Holmgren.  Ways to live within nature’s limits while providing a secure future for our children and justice for everyone.

Living the Good Life – Linda Cockburn.  Story of a family in suburban Australia who spent 6 months without spending any money.

As the World Burns – Derrick Jensen

Making Stuff and Doing Things – Kyle Bravo.  Lots of things to make and do

Raw Family – Victoria Boutenko.  Through choosing to take responsibility for their own health, an American family adopts a raw food diet and develops a connection with nature.

Fatu Hiva – Thor Heyerdahl.  A Norwegian couple chose to free themselves from civilization, and lived from the land on a remote Pacific Island.

Walden – Henry David Thoreau.  Thoreau spent two years living by Walden Pond, observing nature and living self-sufficiently.

Beyond the Brink – Peter Andrews.  Learn to understand patterns in the landscape, and how nature can do your work for you.

Steal This Book – Abbie Hoffman.  Lots of ideas for getting stuff for free.

Community bike cart design – Aaron Weiler (zine).  Available at  Aaron shows how to make a range of bike trailers easily and cheaply.


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