Healthcare doesn’t need to cost anything.  Everything we need to heal ourselves is within us and around us.  Pharmaceutical companies and doctors don’t have exclusive rights to making us well.  Which they don’t tend to do anyway, because they can make more profits by keeping us sick and buying more of their “healthcare” products and services.

Most of what makes us ill comes directly from buying in to the money culture.  Workplace conditions, social expectations, processed foods with no nutritional value, food additives, medicines, the chemicals we use in our homes and apply directly to our skin.  The air inside an average house is more polluted than that along a busy highway, as a result of the building materials, paint, cleaning products and air fresheners (which are really air polluters) in the house.

Hospitals contain infections that can’t be eradicated without destroying the building.  A visit to hospital is more likely to cause illness than to cure it.  Around 1 million Americans a year die of iatrogenic conditions, that is illnesses and injuries that are caused by medical treatment.  This includes adverse drug reactions, medical errors, infections, bedsores, malnutrition, unnecessary procedures and surgery.

So if you are concerned about your health, steer well away from western medical practices.  There are so many more fun and creative ways of looking after ourselves.  Has anyone ever had a good time in a hospital or doctor’s surgery?

Start by taking responsibility for your own health.  Paying a doctor or drug company to take this responsibility on your behalf will never work.  Even alternative medicine requires you to place trust in someone else to take control of your health.  This is a ridiculous practice, no-one else can ever know how their treatments will affect you.  Occasionally a treatment may work, but it’s hit-and-miss, and the expense to your health and finances is huge as you go through the process of searching for the most effective treatment.  Good health isn’t something you find in a consulting room.  Your body already knows what it needs.  The only medical practitioner who can ever truly heal you is you.  Get to know your body and mind, and create your own way of caring for yourself.  Trust your instincts, and do what feels right, not what someone else tells you to do.

Tune in to how your body works.  Take notice of how particular foods and activities affect you.  There are so many theories on what consists good health and nutrition.  Everyone experiences things differently, and has unique needs, so none of these theories can be totally correct for any one person.  What works best for you is something that you need to discover and create for yourself, no book or magazine can tell you what’s right.

Animals instinctively know which plants to eat to heal themselves when they’re ill.  Since humans have become domesticated animals we’ve lost this innate knowledge, and don’t trust ourselves to direct our own healing, in co-operation with our environment.  The substances we need to treat our illnesses are all around us.  All it takes is to observe your surroundings, listen, look, taste, smell and feel all of it, and use your intuition to discover what can heal you.  The soil, water, air and living things can all be part of our health, and we can be part of theirs.

The practices we need to take on are already known to our bodies, we only need to start listening, sensing the way the body moves and operates, to know instinctively what feels right for us.

People have cured themselves of cancer and AIDS purely by tuning in to the needs of their bodies, and not taking anyone’s advice, treatment or medicine.  This result has never been achieved by western medicine, and of course never will, because no profits can be made from liberated people in perfect health.  Medical researchers would be out of a job, there would be nothing to put all this research funding towards.

Many modern medical conditions and treatments exist only to market products by convincing people that they are ill.  HIV (which is not the same as AIDS) has been proven not to be a virus by leading researchers, but of course no-one pays attention to them because it would cut in to profits from their drugs and treatments.  Fluoride has never been shown to have any effect on dental health. It is only in our drinking water because it is a convenient dumping ground for this waste product from industry.

Generally the symptoms of illness that pharmaceutical drugs are used to treat are not in fact symptoms of illness, but of the body eliminating the illness.  For example a high temperature is a way for the body to make itself inhospitable to disease organisms; coughing and diarrhoea force the disease out of the body; snot is the white blood cells that have died in the process of destroying disease cells.  To heal ourselves we need to allow these symptoms to run their natural course.  Suppressing the symptoms with medicines only makes the illness worse.

The experience of illness, either physical or mental, can be an opportunity for an amazing journey of self-discovery.  Don’t look at it as something to be fought against.  It’s yourself that you’re fighting.  You may win the battle, but if you haven’t learnt from the experience and dealt with the underlying issues, the illness will recur, possibly in another form.  There’s a lot to be learnt by listening to your body and taking on what it tells you.  Check out The Journey by Brandon Bays.  Brandon cured herself of a tumour by listening to her own body.  She describes the process she went through so that readers can apply it in their own lives.

Adding popular nutrients to processed foods (the trendy ones at the moment are iron, folate, omega-3 and niacin) doesn’t benefit anyone, as nutrients can’t do anything in isolation, only as an element of whole foods.  The interactions between nutrients are complex, and they need to be consumed from a living plant to truly nourish our bodies.

There is no one perfect diet to suit everyone.  Some tribal cultures eat mainly raw fruit and vegetables, and many Inuit and Mongolian people eat only animal products, yet all are perfectly healthy.  Everyone has different needs.  Don’t let anyone tell you what you should eat, or how to look after your health, and don’t assume that what works for you will be suitable for anyone else.


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