From the zine How to have an amazingly adventurous life for zero dollars a day.

Making, altering, finding or sharing clothes is so much more of an adventure than walking into a brand-name chain store and handing over your cash.  And your clothes will have a story, of friends, fabrics, explorations and decorations. Your clothes can be an expression of your personality, rather than an expression of corporate marketing.

Followers of fashion are boring.  Create your own style.

Making your own clothes from scratch can involve shearing, spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing or tanning a hide.

Otherwise try pattern making, sewing (by hand or machine), elaborating, altering, mending, darning, patching.  Convert old clothes into new clothes: sleeves can become leg warmers, ripped jeans can become shorts, a skirt or a bag.  Patches, ribbons, sequins, embroidery and fabric paint can be used to make clothes more individual.

Clothes can be found dumped outside op-shops, at both front and back entrances, and outside clothing donation bins.  Dumpsters behind op-shops also contain lots of perfectly good clothes that are excess to requirements.  And even if they’re not perfectly good, they can be mended, altered or cut up to make other things.

Clothes swap parties are a fun way to pass on excess clothes to friends, get some new stuff, and share stories.  This can be a great kids party too.

Sewing circle. Invite a bunch of friends around for a shared meal, and an opportunity to do all the mending that you wouldn’t otherwise get around to.  It’s a chance to share skills, fabrics, and sewing machines.

Community wardrobe. A wardrobe on a street corner or in a community centre or school can be a place for anyone to donate unwanted clothes, and discover something new, all with no money changing hands.


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